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At Trident Group International, we understand that food is not just sustenance.  It is an experience, a connection to different cultures and a way to explore new flavors. With this belief at our core, we aim to build a reputation for excellence in curating products that reflect the rich culinary traditions of Ukraine.​​


Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to meticulously selecting our suppliers and each item we offer, ensuring that they meet our stringent standards for freshness, taste and authenticity. We work closely with a network of trusted suppliers who share our commitment to quality, ethical practices and sustainable sourcing.​

At Trident Group International, we believe in forging long-term partnerships with our valued customers. Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, or foodservice provider, our dedicated customer service team is committed to understanding your unique requirements and providing personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. We are here to support your business growth and help you navigate the complexities of the food industry with our reliable service.

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